Five mountains in 4 days - Nock Five

the five most attractive nockberge in 4 days

At first glance, the mountains appear inviting and hilly, but challenging ascents of 800 altitude metres are no rarity. There are descents of various difficulty levels, both for beginners and trail freaks. Experiene the top five peaks of the Carinthian Nockberge on a unique 4-day tour


This tour in stages is offered as 1 mountain per day incl. shuttleservice. E-bikers are welcome!


EURO 252,- per person

Included services:

  • 4 guided bike tours with a focus on technique training and safety
  • Shuttle service with a bike trailer
  • Workshop
  • Photo diploma and roadbook
  • Water sports trial lessons (sailing, surfing, kayaking)


Bike rental according to price list


  • 11.06. to 14.06.2020
  • 13.08. to 16.08.2020


Enquiries and bookings at Sportschule Krainer, Tel.: +43 4246 3188