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Nordic WalkING

The fat burning trend: Walking with poles. The form of walking derived from cross-country skiing provides an extra boost for fat burning. The poles make the arms and upper body participate actively. This increases fitness and the burning of calories, releases tensions in the back and eases the pressure on the knee joints. Jogging and Nordic walking trails at various altitudes are available in Feld am See. The map of all the trails is available free of charge in the local tourism office. 


HIKING in feld am see

Our hiking trails: 2 lakes circuit, Rudolf Greinz Weg, Franz Lechner Weg, Sonnenweg. The Bachweg and Alter Almweg lead up to Feldpannalm, which can also be accessed conveniently by car along a toll road (€ 6,00/coin-operated machine). The Wegerhütte chalet marks the start of the Feldpannalm circuit to Wöllaner Nock. The walk takes about 3 hours 40 mins. 


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Our mountain chalets at Feldpannalm: Wegerhütte and Rieserhütte 

Power mountain Mirnock: From Feld am See, the Weg des Buches trail leads up to Mirnock. On the way you can call in at the rustic Hochalmhütte.

The especially powerful energies of the mountain Mirnock were already known during the Stone Age and among our Celtic ancestors in Upper Carinthia. They were worshipped at many locations and used for healing and ceremonies. Mirnock lies at the crossing point of two lines of power, a male and a female energy line, and is therefore linked to the energy field of Grossglockner and power places in Europe as far as the Himalayas, as well as with the earth chakras on all continents in the global energy network. 

With its energy field, water sources and special geomantic location amidst valleys, lakes and rivers, Mirnock can be considered one of the strongest power places in Europe. 






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