Fishing in the lakes and ponds

FisHING LAKES brennsee And afritzer See

For over 50 years, the Feld am See fish farm has been managing these two gems in our valley, Gegendtal. Both lakes together have a surface area of around 100 hectares. They are therefore not among the largest lakes in Carinthia, but enjoy an impressive wealth of large fish and a charming location. 



Some of the largest fish caught in Carinthia were fished from our lakes, such as the largest pike at 141cm and 18kg. Afritzer See, in particular, has a very natural character. With few exceptions, the whole lake is accessible for fishing and it is also very quiet for a swimming lake. Brennsee, on the other hand, is more built up, but the qualities of this lake are evident when you take to a boat.


Both lakes have a very good fish population, which can be explained firstly by an unusually high natural population and secondly by annual stocking measures. For many years, we have sought to breed fish ourselves at our fish farm to populate the lake, which has been successful especially for whitefish and brown trout. The whitefish population has developed very well in recent years, whilst major catches of brown trout will take a little more time. 

The lakes also contain populations of pike, catfish, pikeperch, carp, bass, tench, Arctic char, rudd and roach.


The fishing permit allows you to fish in both lakes, so every fisherman can find their preferred lake. It is definitely worth a visit for fishing enthusiasts and we wish them all a good catch.

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