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Feld am See belongs to the "Kärntna Låxn" (Carinthian brown trout) speciality region. The crystal clear water is optimally suited to the breeding of high-quality local fish. 


The Kärntna Låxn is a brown trout with a silvery body with x-shaped black spots. It is a large representative of the Salmonidae. Catches of over 20kg and a length of 120cm are no rarity. Earlier it was the main fish in some Carinthian lakes and was called Låxn by local fishermen. During the spawning period, the fish meandered up the rivers and were caught there in their hundreds. Back in the 14th century this fish from Upper Carinthia was already delivered to the imperial palace in Vienna, where there was great demand for this speciality. 


4 fish farms managed some years ago to breed the fish again and to make it a firm feature among consumers and in gastronomy. The slow growth in clean mountain water at a low temperature guarantees the best quality. Owing to a low density, the fish bred exclusively in natural ponds have a natural supply of oxygen. The breeding is adapted to their natural behaviour and requirements, without using any genetic engineering or biotechnology. Of course the water, hygiene and population are controlled constantly. 


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Delicious fish specialities and every evening live music from 10 July to 15 July 2022 on the church place in Feld am See